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Add description on creating box_artwork_base.sla

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@@ -10,13 +10,44 @@ on how to create the final PDF file for printing.
---- box_artwork.sla
+--- box_artwork_base.sla
box.dxf is the outline used for the box die-cutting. Import into
Inkscape - note that you need to uncheck 'Use automatic scaling to
size A4' and a scaling factor of 1.0. Then save as a temporary
.svg file which can then be imported into Scribus to form the
-initial outline for box_artwork.sla.
+initial outline for box_artwork_base.sla.
+box_artwork_base.sla is the start point of creating a new fresh
+artwork for Milkymist One box. It is created by imorting the .svg
+file refered above in Scribus.
+Steps to create box_artwork_base.sla
+** Launch Scribus or if scribus is already launched, go to File -> New
+** In New Document window
+ * Set Default Unit to 'Millimeters (mm)'
+ * Size choose 'Custom'. Width set to '905.000 mm', Height to '684.000 mm'
+ * In Margin Guides - Preset Layouts, set all for sides to '15.000 mm'
+ * Hit OK button.
+** File -> Import -> Get Vector File...
+** Select created temp .svg file refered above.
+** When file is imported, somehow the size has changed, so we need to
+ modify the project for the box outlines.
+ * Select the newly imported object (box outline)
+ * F2 to open Properties window.
+ * In Properties window, X,Y,Z section, Geometry block, set X-pos to
+ 80.000 mm, Y-Pos to 60.000 mm, Width to 745.000 mm, Height to
+ 564.000 mm.
+ * Close Properties window. File -> Save As..., save file as
+ box_artwork_base.sla.
+--- box_artwork.sla
+box_artwork.sla is the artwork file for Milkymist One box, and used
+for creating print-ready box_artwork.pdf.
Steps to create print-ready box_artwork.pdf:
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