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Rename raw binary image

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1 parent 8c36215 commit 31c36198f4bae947c93bc3b48c6fa2265fe6ec1d @sbourdeauducq sbourdeauducq committed
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10 src/Makefile
@@ -49,24 +49,24 @@ bandfilters.h: bandfilters.sce
scilab -nw -nwni -nogui -nb -f bandfilters.sce
# boot images for Milkymist One
-$(BINDIR)/flickernoise.ralf: $(BINDIR)/flickernoise
+$(BINDIR)/flickernoise.bin: $(BINDIR)/flickernoise
$(OBJCOPY) -O binary $< $@
-$(BINDIR)/flickernoise.fbi: $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.ralf
+$(BINDIR)/flickernoise.fbi: $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.bin
mkmmimg $< write $@
-$(BINDIR)/flickernoise.lzma: $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.ralf
+$(BINDIR)/flickernoise.lzma: $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.bin
cat $< | lzma > $@
$(BINDIR)/flickernoise.fbiz: $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.lzma
mkmmimg $< writelzma $@
# convenience target for loading to MM board
-load: $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.ralf
+load: $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.bin
cp $< /var/lib/tftpboot/boot.bin
- rm -f $(BINDIR)/flickernoise $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.ralf
+ rm -f $(BINDIR)/flickernoise $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.bin
rm -f $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.lzma $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.fbi $(BINDIR)/flickernoise.fbiz
rm -f $(POBJS)

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