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The "wheel" patch illustrates the use image sequences to create

To install the patch, run the script "gen" (needs transfig):


Then upload wheel.fnp and the PNGs with ftp:

ftp milkymist
ftp> prompt
ftp> put wheel.fnp
ftp> mput w*.png

The patch comes with MIDI bindings for the Faderfox LV3:

- the left half of the controller is for image channel 1, the
  right half is for image channel 2. They're identical except
  that the default positions of the images differ.

- faders 1 and 2 sets the image size and alpha channel

- faders 3 and 4 set the sensitivity to bass and treble

- encoder 1 adjusts the frame rate. The rate can be negative,
  resulting in counterclockwise rotation (with the faux motion
  blur looking a little odd).

- pushing encoder 1 sets the speed to zero and holds it at zero.
  The frame number can be changed by turning the encoder. Pushing
  encoder 1 releases the speed.

- blue button 1 sets the speed to one. Blue button 2 reverses the

- FX1 enables setting the image position with the joystick.