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import inspect
from itertools import combinations
from opcode import opname
def get_var_name(frame):
code = frame.f_code
call_index = frame.f_lasti
if opname[code.co_code[call_index]] != "CALL_FUNCTION":
return None
index = call_index+3
while True:
opc = opname[code.co_code[index]]
if opc == "STORE_NAME" or opc == "STORE_ATTR":
name_index = int(code.co_code[index+1])
return code.co_names[name_index]
elif opc == "STORE_FAST":
name_index = int(code.co_code[index+1])
return code.co_varnames[name_index]
elif opc == "STORE_DEREF":
name_index = int(code.co_code[index+1])
return code.co_cellvars[name_index]
elif opc == "LOAD_GLOBAL" or opc == "LOAD_ATTR" or opc == "LOAD_FAST":
index += 3
elif opc == "DUP_TOP":
index += 1
return None
def trace_back(name=None):
l = []
frame = inspect.currentframe().f_back.f_back
while frame is not None:
obj = frame.f_locals["self"]
except KeyError:
obj = None
if obj is None:
modules = frame.f_globals["__name__"]
modules = modules.split(".")
obj = modules[len(modules)-1]
if name is None:
name = get_var_name(frame)
l.insert(0, (obj, name))
name = None
frame = frame.f_back
return l
class _StepNamer():
def __init__(self):
self.name_to_ids = {}
def context_prefix(self, obj):
if isinstance(obj, str):
return obj
n = obj.__class__.__name__.lower()
l = self.name_to_ids[n]
except KeyError:
self.name_to_ids[n] = [id(obj)]
return n + "0"
idx = l.index(id(obj))
except ValueError:
idx = len(l)
return n + str(idx)
def name(self, with_context_prefix, step):
if with_context_prefix or step[1] is None:
n = self.context_prefix(step[0])
if step[1] is not None:
n += "_" + step[1]
n = step[1]
return n
# Returns True if we should include the context prefix
def _choose_strategy(objs):
id_with_name = {}
for obj in objs:
if not isinstance(obj, str):
n = obj.__class__.__name__.lower()
existing_id = id_with_name[n]
except KeyError:
id_with_name[n] = id(obj)
if existing_id != id(obj):
return True
return False
def _bin(sn, sig_iters):
status = []
for signal, it in sig_iters:
step, last = next(it)
status.append((signal, it, step, last))
with_context_prefix = _choose_strategy(step[0] for signal, it, step, last in status)
terminals = []
bins = {}
for signal, it, step, last in status:
step_name =, step)
if last:
terminals.append((step_name, signal))
if step_name not in bins:
bins[step_name] = []
bins[step_name].append((signal, it))
return terminals, bins
def _sets_disjoint(l):
for s1, s2 in combinations(l, 2):
if not s1.isdisjoint(s2):
return False
return True
def _r_build_pnd(sn, sig_iters):
terminals, bins = _bin(sn, sig_iters)
bins_named = [(k, _r_build_pnd(sn, v)) for k, v in bins.items()]
name_sets = [set(sub_pnd.values()) for prefix, sub_pnd in bins_named]
r = {}
if not _sets_disjoint(name_sets):
for prefix, sub_pnd in bins_named:
for s, n in sub_pnd.items():
r[s] = prefix + "_" + n
for prefix, sub_pnd in bins_named:
for n, s in terminals:
r[s] = n
return r
def last_flagged(seq):
seq = iter(seq)
a = next(seq)
for b in seq:
yield a, False
a = b
yield a, True
def build_namespace(signals):
sig_iters = [(signal, last_flagged(signal.backtrace))
for signal in signals if signal.name_override is None]
pnd = _r_build_pnd(_StepNamer(), sig_iters)
ns = Namespace(pnd)
# register signals with name_override
for signal in signals:
if signal.name_override is not None:
return ns
class Namespace:
def __init__(self, pnd):
self.counts = {}
self.sigs = {}
self.pnd = pnd
def get_name(self, sig):
if sig.name_override is not None:
sig_name = sig.name_override
sig_name = self.pnd[sig]
n = self.sigs[sig]
except KeyError:
n = self.counts[sig_name]
except KeyError:
n = 0
self.sigs[sig] = n
self.counts[sig_name] = n + 1
if n:
return sig_name + "_" + str(n)
return sig_name
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