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This is the complete core source code and documentation for the opensource
-system-on-chip used in the Milkymist(tm) interactive VJ station.
+system-on-chip used in the Milkymist(tm) One video synthesizer.
-For the latest releases, binary distributions and more:
+For the latest releases, documentation, more information, or to buy a Milkymist One:
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ synthesis directory.
/boards/xxx/synthesis/build/system.bit FPGA bitstream.
/software/bios/bios.bin BIOS image.
/software/demo/boot.bin Demonstration firmware image.
- /boards/xxx/flash/yyy.mcs use Makefile Flash images.
+ /boards/xxx/flash/yyy.fpg use Makefile Flash images.
/doc/xxx.pdf System-wide documentation.
/cores/xxx/doc/xxx.pdf Core-specific documentation.

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