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Commits on Nov 28, 2011
  1. @sbourdeauducq
Commits on Nov 27, 2011
  1. @sbourdeauducq

    standby: auto-on

    sbourdeauducq authored
Commits on Nov 24, 2011
  1. @sbourdeauducq
  2. @sbourdeauducq

    fpvm: accessor functions

    sbourdeauducq authored
  3. @sbourdeauducq

    Update copyright notices

    sbourdeauducq authored
  4. @sbourdeauducq
Commits on Nov 23, 2011
  1. @sbourdeauducq

    softusb: new DPLL

    sbourdeauducq authored
  2. @sbourdeauducq
Commits on Nov 22, 2011
  1. @sbourdeauducq
  2. @sbourdeauducq
  3. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    bios: enable bus errors

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
    By default bus errors are disabled, enable them.
  4. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    soc: add enable signal to bus errors

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
  5. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    gdbstub: disable bus errors

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
    Disable bus errors while the gdbstub is running. This will prevent nested
    gdbstub invokations.
  6. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    bios: lock gdbstub ROM

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
    For now, unconditionally lock the GDB stub ROM as soon as possible.
  7. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    update monitor rom

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
  8. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    gdbstub: set correct uart speed

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
    Set the UART speed to a fixed value when gdbstub is called and restore its
    previous value if gdbstub exits.
  9. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    soc: connect write lock register to monitor core

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
  10. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    monitor: introduce write lock

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
    Make ROM writeable unless the lock is set.
  11. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    sysctl: new debug control register

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
    Introduce a debug control register. It can be used to lock the gdbstub ROM
    and enable/disable bus errors. The gdbstub ROM will be read/writeable until
    one writes the corresponding lock bit to this register. This will ease
    future gdbstub updates.
  12. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    sysctl: change offsets and new frequency register

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
    Reorganize register offsets and introduce new register to read the system
    clock frequency.
  13. @sbourdeauducq

    Cleanup BIOS makefile

    sbourdeauducq authored
  14. @sbourdeauducq

    connect the dependency between softusb and libhal, add libs dependenc…

    Xiangfu Liu authored sbourdeauducq committed
    …y to bios
    Signed-off-by: Xiangfu Liu <>
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
  1. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    bios: fix initrd end pointer

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
    initrd_end points just past the last byte of the initrd. This way initramfs
    images works.
  2. @sbourdeauducq
  3. @mwalle @sbourdeauducq

    flterm: make kernel image optional

    mwalle authored sbourdeauducq committed
    This way flterm can be used as a 'normal' terminal emulator.
Commits on Nov 19, 2011
  1. @sbourdeauducq
  2. @wpwrak @sbourdeauducq

    softusb: clear EPs on disconnect

    wpwrak authored sbourdeauducq committed
    Along with the logic to handle multiple interfaces, commit
    a26dc51 also introduced the following
    When a keyboard or composite device with keyboard was replaced by a
    mouse after enumeration, the stack would still poll the "keyboard",
    which most likely resulted in the mouse data to be b drained and
    This patch clears the EP roles on disconnect.
  3. @wpwrak @sbourdeauducq

    softusb: convert last remaining use of usb_rx to usb_rx_ack

    wpwrak authored sbourdeauducq committed
    Since usb_rx is now only used to receive ACK/NAK, we can replace it
    with a more streamlined version. This should also marginally improve
    error handling.
  4. @wpwrak @sbourdeauducq

    softusb: fail garbled packets fatally again

    wpwrak authored sbourdeauducq committed
    As the result of more testing that showed no degradation in performance,
    this reverts to the original logic of failing garbled packets harder.
  5. @wpwrak @sbourdeauducq

    softusb: send ACKs from dedicated inline function

    wpwrak authored sbourdeauducq committed
    To accelerate sending ACKs, this patch avoids the call setup overhead
    of usb_tx and introduces a dedicated inline function. In experiments,
    this reduced EOP-to-ACK time by about 10 full-speed bit times.
  6. @wpwrak @sbourdeauducq

    softusb: partially unroll usb_in

    wpwrak authored sbourdeauducq committed
    This patch partially unrolls usb_in and takes decisions on the further
    disposition of a packet at early as possible. The objective is to
    minimize the processing needed between EOP of the DATAx packet and the
    sending of an ACK.
    The patch also changes error handling in two ways:
    1) when deciding to discard a packet, always wait until the device
       really stops sending
    2) packets with a garbled PID are treated as non-fatal errors
  7. @sbourdeauducq

    Revert 4KB hack

    sbourdeauducq authored
  8. @wpwrak @sbourdeauducq

    suftusb: remove one now unused debug message

    wpwrak authored sbourdeauducq committed
  9. @wpwrak @sbourdeauducq

    softusb: move all OUT transfers to function usb_out

    wpwrak authored sbourdeauducq committed
    This is mainly cosmetic, to reduce the amount of code. It adds
    retry on timeout, though.
    Again, as a side-effect, debug messages become a bit less detailed.
  10. @wpwrak @sbourdeauducq

    softusb: move all IN transfers to function usb_in

    wpwrak authored sbourdeauducq committed
    Besides reducing some redundancy, this patch also makes the following
    - retry on timeout (e.g., if the DATAx packet was garbled) in the data
      stage of control transfers instead of failing the entire transfer
    - retry IN tranfers in the status stage
    - reject IN transfers in the status stage if they have the wrong
      sequence bit (more USB 1.1 sec 8.5.2 and USB 2.0 sec 8.5.3)
    - slightly reduce the information in debugging output since control
      and bulk/interrupt now use the same code path for IN transfers
    The streamlined code path also makes full-speed work occasionally.
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