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@@ -33,13 +33,13 @@ Obtain your development system at

The second command requires m1nor-ng, FJMEM and UrJTAG.
These tools can be found at:

[> Instructions (gateware)
First, download and install Migen from:

Once this is done, build the bitstream with:
./ [-p <platform>] -l
@@ -54,10 +54,7 @@ Enjoy!
[> Misc
Code repository:

Send questions, comments and patches to devel [AT]
We are also on IRC: #milkymist on the Freenode network.

MiSoC is released under the very permissive two-clause BSD license. Under
the terms of this license, you are authorized to use MiSoC for
@@ -71,7 +68,7 @@ do them if possible:
* send us the modifications and improvements you have done to MiSoC.
The use of "git format-patch" is recommended. If your submission is large and
complex and/or you are not sure how to proceed, feel free to discuss it on
the mailing list or IRC (#milkymist on Freenode) beforehand.
the mailing list or IRC (#m-labs on Freenode) beforehand.

See LICENSE file for full copyright and license info. You can contact us on the
public mailing list devel [AT]

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