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m1nor, FJMEM and UrJTAG clarifications

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@@ -36,15 +36,19 @@ production version of Milkymist SoC, visit:
cd compiler-rt-lm32
make lm32
-4. Set the CRTDIR environment variable to where the libcompiler_rt.a is.
+4. Set the CRTDIR environment variable to where libcompiler_rt.a is.
export CRTDIR=/path_to/compiler-rt-lm32/lm32/lm32
5. Build and flash the BIOS (part of this source distribution).
cd software/bios
make flash
-The second command requires UrJTAG and FJMEM.
+The second command requires m1nor, FJMEM and UrJTAG.
+These tools can be found respectively at:
[> Instructions (gateware)

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