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@@ -14,25 +14,54 @@ Note that the -NG version is still experimental work in progress. For the
production version of Milkymist SoC, visit:
-[> Instructions
+[> Instructions (software)
+1. Compile and install binutils. Take the latest version from GNU.
+ ./configure --target=lm32-elf
+ make
+ make install
+2. Compile and install LLVM and Clang.
+ git clone git://
+ cd llvm-lm32/tools
+ git clone git:// clang
+ cd ..
+ mkdir build
+ cmake ..
+ make
+ make install
+3. Build compiler-rt.
+ git clone git://
+ cd compiler-rt-lm32
+ make lm32
+4. Set the CRTDIR environment variable to where the libcompiler_rt.a is.
+ export CRTDIR=/path_to/compiler-rt-lm32/lm32/lm32
+5. Build and flash the BIOS (part of this source distribution).
+ cd software/bios
+ make
+ make flash
+The second command requires UrJTAG and FJMEM.
+[> Instructions (gateware)
First, download and install Migen from:
Once this is done, build the bitstream with:
This will generate the build/soc.bit programming file.
+ make load
+to load it with UrJTAG.
The SoC expects a bootloader to be located in flash at 0x860000, just
like the legacy SoC did. However, there is no binary compatibility and a
new BIOS needs to be built and flashed for the -NG SoC.
-You can find the source code of a compatible BIOS in the software/bios
-directory. It compiles with Clang and LLVM by default, and you can find
-the modified version with support for LM32 at:
[> Misc

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