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commit 245d5da8a44ee51adf4969e557f65e5c9ce0b46d 1 parent da6b2ae
Xiangfu Liu authored
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5 scripts/
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ if [ ! -e ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/wernermisc ]; then
git clone git:// ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/wernermisc
(cd ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/wernermisc && git fetch -a && git reset --hard origin/master)
-(cd ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/rtems && git reset --hard 19d18f235084cbd361e068811a11f46d99918950)
+#(cd ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/rtems && git reset --hard 19d18f235084cbd361e068811a11f46d99918950)
(cd ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/rtems && rm -f patches && ln -s ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/wernermisc/m1/patches/rtems patches)
(cd ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/rtems && quilt pop -a -f && quilt push -a)
(cd ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/rtems && git diff > ${IMAGES_DIR}/rtems.on.f80b3a3.diff)
@@ -151,8 +151,9 @@ cp ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/autotest-m1/src/boot*.bin ${IMAGES_DIR}/
echo "build data patitions ..."
mkdir -p ${IMAGES_DIR}/data.flash5/patchpool
make -C ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/flickernoise/patches/demo/pacman
-make -C ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/flickernoise/patches/demo/wheel
+(cd ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/flickernoise/patches/demo/wheel && ./gen)
find ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/flickernoise/patches/ \( -name *.fnp -o -name *.jpg -o -name *.png \) -exec cp {} ${IMAGES_DIR}/data.flash5/patchpool/ \;
+rm ${IMAGES_DIR}/data.flash5/patchpool/raindance.fnp
make -C ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/rtems-yaffs2/utils nor-mkyaffs2image
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