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include all demo in data partition

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1 parent fa451aa commit dcf150e173cc8603720eed032ecfc5c9d9f3f4e1 Xiangfu Liu committed
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5 scripts/
@@ -150,7 +150,10 @@ cp ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/autotest-m1/src/boot*.bin ${IMAGES_DIR}/
echo "build data patitions ..."
mkdir -p ${IMAGES_DIR}/data.flash5/patchpool
-cp -af ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/flickernoise/patches/* ${IMAGES_DIR}/data.flash5/patchpool
+make -C ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/flickernoise/patches/demo/pacman
+make -C ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/flickernoise/patches/demo/wheel
+rsync -av --include=*/ --include=*.fnp --include=*.png --include=*.jpg --exclude=* \
+ ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/flickernoise/patches/ ${IMAGES_DIR}/data.flash5/patchpool
make -C ${MILKYMIST_GIT_DIR}/rtems-yaffs2/utils nor-mkyaffs2image

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