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#ifndef _BITS_SETJMP_H
#define _BITS_SETJMP_H 1
#if !defined _SETJMP_H && !defined _PTHREAD_H
# error "Never include <bits/setjmp.h> directly; use <setjmp.h> instead."
#ifndef _ASM
typedef struct
int __regs[15]; /* callee-saved registers r11-r25 */
void *__gp; /* global pointer */
void *__fp; /* frame pointer */
void *__sp; /* stack pointer */
void *__ra; /* return address */
} __jmp_buf[1];
/* Test if longjmp to JMPBUF would unwind the frame
containing a local variable at ADDRESS. */
#define _JMPBUF_UNWINDS(jmpbuf, address) \
((void *) (address) < (void *) (jmpbuf)[0].__sp)
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