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Java EE for Mobile (Andriod and iOS) Demo
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A sample application that demostrates using native mobile Android and iOS clients using a Java EE 7 backend. The server-side consists of a chat WebSocket API and a to do list REST API implemented using the Java API for WebSocket, JSON-P, JAX-RS 2, CDI, Bean Validation, EJB 3 and JPA.

The server-side code is in the 'javaee-server' directory, while the Android and iOS clients are in the 'android-client' and 'ios-client' directories. For context around this project, check out the 'javaee_mobile.ppt' file. You will need to get the server up and running first and then the clients.

To Do

  • Make self-signed SSL certs work on iOS.
  • Make an HTML 5 client?
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