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JMS 2 Hands-on-Lab
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JMS 2 Hands on Lab

This hands-on-lab provides a basic introduction to the JMS 2 API included in Java EE 7. The lab uses GlassFish, NetBeans and Maven. You could choose to use Eclipse or any other IDE with a little bit of effort. Similarly it should be possible to use any Java EE 7 compatible application server such as WildFly.


  • Make sure you have at least JDK 7 installed. The lab was tested with JDK 7.
  • Install NetBeans 8 or above. Make sure you use the Java EE version of NetBeans. During installation, accept all the defaults. This will automatically install GlassFish.
  • Download this repository, probably as a zip. If using a zip download, unzip somewhere in your file system.


  • Open NetBeans and start GlassFish (Services -> Servers -> GlassFish -> Start).
  • Open the Maven project under the 'problem' directory in NetBeans. This is the project you will be working on. Simply start reading the instructions in the comments. At this stage you should have a basic understanding of JMS 2 and have had explored the JMS 2 Javadocs (if this is not the case you should start with the resources below). You will be basically developing the unit test in the project.
  • A solution is in the 'solution' directory. Feel free to open this and look at it if you need to. The best way of learning is looking at the solution if you are absolutely stuck.


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