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This sample shows a crawler robot model with a joystick teleoperation software.
The robot and the teleope software can talk in ROS topic.
In this sample, you can find a crawler robot model having 4 flipper arms and a plugin "" and a source file as "src/".
There is a world file as "worlds/" to show a crawler_robot robot model.

How to use the robot.

You need two terminals.

At Terminal 1 :

You can run this sample by using a following command.

$ roslaunch crawler_robot_ros spawn_crawler_robot_ros.launch use_joystick:=false  

If use_joystick is true, the kind of the default game controller is iBUFFALO-bsgp1601.
You can find a description of other kinds of game controllers in the following.

At Terminal 2 :

You can move the robot with an ordinary teleop software by following command:

$ roslaunch crawler_robot_ros joy_and_teleop_crawler.launch robot_name:=robot dev:=/dev/input/js0 gc_bsgp1601:=true  

You can use gc_ds4 or gc_dux60 instead of gc_bsgp1601.
gc_ds4 means a game controller as the Dual Shock 4 of SONY.
gc_dux60 means a game controller as the JC-DUX60 of ELECOM.
gc_bsgp1601 means a game controller as the BSGP1601 of iBUFFALO.

Model and plugin.

This package uses following model.

Model Name Plugin(Program) Filename(s)
Program file Description The plugin program.
This program can hear ROS topic. An executable tele-operation program for crawler_robot_ros in ROS.
It can control robot moving and flipper moving with a joy stick.
This program can tell only ROS topic.

Date : 16 Mar. 2018

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