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PAF (PHP API Framework) is a framework for creating API's through PHP and outputting them as JSON (also other formats are possible).

This file explains the main concepts and functions of PAF. If you want a more in-depth documentation, you find the phpDocumentator documentation of all classes here:

Table of contents

Setting up

  1. Download this repository and copy the contents of the src/ folder into (for example) your lib/PAF folder
  2. Create a index.php file and require the lib/PAF/autoload.php file. This will automatically load the needed classes. This will not interfere with your own/other autoloaders!
    • Alternatively: Require each file you need separately
  3. If you want to use the PAF\Router, you should also follow step 2 of its setup-guide
  4. Now you are ready to go

Quick start


require_once 'path/to/autoload.php';

// start using PAF
use PAF\Router\Router;


// ...


PAF contains different components for different use-cases:

  • PAF\Router - Contains classes for routing and outputting responses (mainly) as json (README, Documentation)
  • PAF\Model - Contains classes for mapping database entries to PHP objects (README, Documentation)

Documentation generation

The documentation gets auto-generated on each push to the master-branch. The resulting documentation is then pushed to the docs branch, which is then made available through GitHub-Pages.

If you want to generate the documentation for yourself, you have to get the phpDocumentor (v3) by executing the following lines:

wget -O phpDoc
chmod +x phpDoc

Then you have to make it available globally (by adding an alias for it or by adding it to the $PATH variable) and execute it inside the PAF root like shown:

phpDoc run --visibility="public,protected"

If you also want to include private functions and variables, you can omit the visibility flag.



When contributing please run prettier before commiting to the repository:

  1. Install prettier (with php-plugin): npm install --global prettier @prettier/plugin-php
  2. Run prettier: prettier --write .