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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# version 0: POC
Plugin IDA qui une fois copié dans le repertoire
plugins d'IDA est accessible depuis le menu
Edit --> plugins
from idaapi import *
import amoco
class MyGraph(GraphViewer):
def __init__(self, flow_graph,title):
GraphViewer.__init__(self, title)
print '[+] Flow Graph (GraphViewer Class) init'
self._title = title
self.flow_graph = flow_graph
#self.result = result
#self.names = {}
def OnRefresh(self):
print 'refresh'
addr_in = {}
test = idaapi.COLSTR("test0 test2 ",idaapi.SCOLOR_INSN)
for i in self.flow_graph:
id = self.AddNode(i)
return True
def OnSelect(self,node_id):
print("OnSelect Event .")
return True
def OnClick(self,node_id):
print("OnClick() Event .")
#print self[node_id]
print self
print self._title
frm = idaapi.find_tform(self._title)
print frm
return True
def OnGetText(self, node_id):
return str(self[node_id])
def OnCommand(self,cmd_id):
if self.cmd_test == cmd_id:
print("Amoco : Symbolic form ")
# access flow graph blocks and print their symbolic form
fl = list()
for node in self.flow_graph:
idaapi.msg(" Symbolic form is \n %s \n"
for i in fl:
if self.cmd_test2 == cmd_id:
print("Amoco Menu : Item2")
print("command :%s",cmd_id)
def Show(self):
if not GraphViewer.Show(self):
return False
self.cmd_test = self.AddCommand("Amoco Menu : Symbolic form","F2")
self.cmd_test2 = self.AddCommand("Amoco Menu : Item2","F3")
if self.cmd_test == 0 :
print("Failed to add popup menu Item1 !")
if self.cmd_test2 == 0:
print("Failed to add popup menu Item2 !")
return True
#Configuration Handler
class HTooltipC(idaapi.action_handler_t):
def __init__(self):
def activate(self, ctx):
idaapi.warning("Configuration : Tooltip-providing action triggered")
return 1
def update(self, ctx):
return idaapi.AST_ENABLE_ALWAYS
#Analyse Handler
class HTooltipDisassemble(idaapi.action_handler_t):
def __init__(self):
def activate(self, ctx):
idaapi.warning("Disassemble : Tooltip-providing action triggered")
idaapi.msg(" Disassemble handler %s \n"%type(ctx))
idaapi.msg(" Disassemble handler current ea %s \n"%hex(ctx.cur_ea).rstrip('L'))
amocoform = idaapi.get_current_tform()
idaapi.msg(" Disassemble current form is %s\n"%idaapi.get_tform_title(amocoform))
idaapi.msg(" Disassemble current form type is %s\n"%idaapi.get_tform_type(amocoform))
highlighted_item = "None"
#highlighted_item = idaapi.get_highlighted_identifier()
if (idaapi.get_tform_title(amocoform) == "IDA View Amoco Plugin" ):
if ( idaapi.get_tform_type(amocoform) == 29 ) :
highlighted_item = idaapi.get_highlighted_identifier()
idaapi.msg(" Disassemble current selected item %s\n"% highlighted_item)
# get the path the analyzed file to pass it to amoco
filename = GetInputFilePath()
pe = amoco.system.loader.load_program(filename)
# get start and end selection
start_selection = hex(SelStart())
end_selection = hex(SelEnd())
idaapi.msg(" Start selection : %s - End selection : %s\n"%(start_selection,end_selection) )
# apply lbackward algo
z = amoco.lbackward(pe)
# get selected block
block = z.getblock(SelStart())
idaapi.msg(" Amoco disassembly is \n %s \n"% block)
# create a new graph view for Amoco
flow_graph = list()
g = MyGraph(flow_graph,"Amoco Flow Graph")
return 1
def update(self, ctx):
return idaapi.AST_ENABLE_ALWAYS
class Hooks(idaapi.UI_Hooks):
def populating_tform_popup(self, form, popup):
idaapi.msg("Hooks called\n")
idaapi.attach_action_to_popup(form, popup, "my:tooltip0", "Amoco/Config/", idaapi.SETMENU_APP)
idaapi.attach_action_to_popup(form, popup, "my:tooltip1", "Amoco/Analyse/", idaapi.SETMENU_APP)
class amoco_plugin_t(idaapi.plugin_t):
flags = idaapi.PLUGIN_FIX
comment = "Amoco is really cool ! "
help = "This is help"
wanted_name = "Amoco IDA Plugin"
wanted_hotkey = "Alt-F8"
hooks = None
def init(self):
idaapi.msg("init() called!\n")
self.hooks = Hooks()
return idaapi.PLUGIN_KEEP
def run(self, arg):
idaapi.msg("run() called with %d!\n" % arg)
tooltip_act0 = idaapi.action_desc_t('my:tooltip0', 'Amoco : Configuration ', HTooltipC(), '', 'This is a tooltip-providing action tooltip', -1)
tooltip_act1 = idaapi.action_desc_t('my:tooltip1', 'Amoco : Disassemble ', HTooltipDisassemble(), '', 'This is yet another a tooltip-providing action tooltip', -1)
idaapi.attach_action_to_menu("View/", 'my:tooltip0', idaapi.SETMENU_APP)
idaapi.attach_action_to_menu("View/", 'my:tooltip1', idaapi.SETMENU_APP)
# we give the focus to IDA View-A
ida_view_a_form = idaapi.find_tform("IDA View-A")
idaapi.open_disasm_window("Amoco Plugin ")
#hooks = Hooks()
idaapi.msg("Calling Hooks\n")
def term(self):
idaapi.msg("term() called!\n")
if self.hooks is not None :
self.hooks = None
#TO DO unhook actions
return amoco_plugin_t()