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;;; rase.el --- Run At Sun Event daemon
;;; -*- lexical-bind: t -*-
;; Author : Andrey Kotlarski <>
;; URL :
;; Version : 1.1
;; Keywords : solar, sunrise, sunset, midday, midnight
;; rase.el is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; rase.el is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; See the GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; This is an Emacs extension that allows user provided set of
;; functions to be run at some sun events.
;;; Usage:
;; ;; the `solar' built-in package is used, these variables must be set:
;; (custom-set-variables
;; '(calendar-latitude 42.7)
;; '(calendar-longitude 23.3))
;; ;; create a two-argument function to be invoked at sun events, like
;; (defun switch-themes (sun-event &optional first-run)
;; (cond ((eq sun-event 'sunrise)
;; ;; ...set lightish theme...
;; )
;; ((eq sun-event 'sunset)
;; ;; ...set darkish theme...
;; )
;; ((eq sun-event 'midday)
;; (when first-run
;; ;; ...set lightish theme...
;; )
;; ;; ...lunch...
;; )
;; ((eq sun-event 'midnight)
;; (when first-run
;; ;; ...set darkish theme...
;; )
;; ;; ...howl...
;; )))
;; ;; sign this function to be invoked on sun events
;; (add-hook 'rase-functions 'switch-themes)
;; ;; start the run-at-sun-event daemon, invoking hooks immediately
;; (rase-start t)
;;; Code:
(require 'solar)
(defcustom rase-functions nil
"List of two-argument functions to run at sun event.
Possible values for the first argument are the symbols
`sunrise', `midday', `sunrise' and `midnight'.
The second argument is non-nil only the very start of rase daemon.
If it's a list, it holds the previous events for the day."
:group 'rase :type 'hook)
(defvar *rase-timer* nil
"Timer for the next sun event.")
(defun rase-calendar-current-date (&optional offset)
"Return the current date in a list (month day year).
Optional integer OFFSET is a number of days from the current date.
This is just a backport of the GNU/Emacs 24 version."
(let* ((now (decode-time))
(now (list (nth 4 now) (nth 3 now) (nth 5 now))))
(if (zerop (or offset 0))
(+ offset (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian now))))))
(defun rase-set-timer (event time &optional event-list offset)
"Set timer for sun EVENT at TIME.
EVENT-LIST holds the next events for the current day + OFFSET."
(let ((time-normalize (round (* 3600 time)))
(date (rase-calendar-current-date offset)))
(setq *rase-timer*
(run-at-time (encode-time (% time-normalize 60)
(/ (% time-normalize 3600) 60)
(/ time-normalize 3600)
(cadr date) (car date)
(nth 2 date))
nil 'rase-daemon event event-list))))
(defun rase-insert-event (event time event-list)
"Insert EVENT with TIME in EVENT-LIST keeping it sorted on time."
(catch 'inserted
(let ((result-list nil))
(while event-list
(let ((event-time (cdar event-list)))
(if (< time event-time)
(throw 'inserted
(nconc result-list
(cons (cons event time) event-list)))
(setq result-list (nconc result-list
(list (car event-list)))
event-list (cdr event-list)))))
(nconc result-list (list (cons event time))))))
(defun rase-build-event-list (&optional offset)
"Build ordered list of sun events for current day + OFFSET."
(let* ((solar-info (solar-sunrise-sunset
(rase-calendar-current-date offset)))
(sunrise (car solar-info))
(sunset (cadr solar-info)))
(cond ((not (or sunrise sunset))
(if (char-equal (string-to-char (nth 2 solar-info)) ?2)
'((sunrise . 0) (midday . 12)) ; polar day
'((sunset . 0) (midnight . 12)))) ; polar night
((not sunset)
(let ((midnight (/ sunrise 2.0)))
(list (cons 'midnight midnight) (cons 'sunrise sunrise)
(cons 'midday (+ midnight 12)))))
((not sunrise)
(let ((midday (/ sunset 2.0)))
(list (cons 'midday midday) (cons 'sunset sunset)
(cons 'midnight (+ midday 12)))))
(t (let* ((sunrise (car sunrise))
(sunset (car sunset))
(early-sunset (< sunset sunrise))
(mid (+ (min sunrise sunset)
(/ (abs (- sunset sunrise)) 2.0)))
(anti-mid (+ mid (if (< mid 12) 12 -12))))
(rase-insert-event 'sunrise sunrise
'sunset sunset
(if early-sunset 'midnight
(list (cons (if early-sunset
(defun rase-daemon (event &optional event-list no-hooks)
"Execute `rase-functions' for EVENT and set timer for the next.
EVENT-LIST holds the next events for the current day.
If NO-HOOKS is given, don't run hooks for current event."
(or no-hooks (run-hook-with-args 'rase-functions event))
(if event-list
(rase-set-timer (caar event-list) (cdar event-list)
(cdr event-list))
(setq event-list (rase-build-event-list 1)) ; get next day events
(rase-set-timer (caar event-list) (cdar event-list)
(cdr event-list) 1)))
(defun rase-start (&optional immediately)
"Start run-at-sun-event daemon. If IMMEDIATELY is non-nil, \
execute hooks for the previous event."
(let ((event-list (rase-build-event-list))
(current-time (decode-time (current-time))))
(let ((current-time (/ (+ (* 3600 (nth 2 current-time))
(* 60 (cadr current-time))
(car current-time))
(last-event nil)
(past-events nil))
(while (and event-list (< (cdar event-list) current-time))
(setq last-event (caar event-list)
event-list (cdr event-list))
(push last-event past-events))
(or last-event
(setq past-events (nreverse
(mapcar 'car (rase-build-event-list -1)))
last-event (car past-events)))
(if immediately
(run-hook-with-args 'rase-functions last-event
(or (cdr past-events) t)))
(if event-list
(rase-set-timer (caar event-list) (cdar event-list)
(cdr event-list))
(rase-daemon last-event nil t)))))
(defun rase-stop ()
"Stop the run-at-sun-event daemon."
(when *rase-timer*
(if (timerp *rase-timer*)
(cancel-timer *rase-timer*))
(setq *rase-timer* nil)))
(provide 'rase)
;;; rase.el ends here