Mobile real-time search throught the list of the messages (with a little bit of sarcasm)
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This project was created at World Hack Moscow 2012 for 6-7 hours.

The first idea was to make something similar to facebook timeline for mobile, but this demo is far from that.

I didn’t find the search functionality at the facebook mobile applications and btw in the other mobile apps either and I asked myself how it could be.. the search for mobile apps.

It is easy if you try it.

But I try to explain what it does.

What it does?

As it is hackathon I should use the facebook api, so that is why when you open this application you should login in your facebook account.

I use facebook chat message as the source of the text and I think it is fun to analyze it. So, after you login, the next step is to choose a open conversation. Once you choose the conversation, you at last find the magnifier (the top element) and the field to type the text to search (the bottom element).

The magnifier or the top element I think is the easiest way to show you where you are (grey rectangle) in the conversation and it is interesting place to show some information like mine (green lines) or not messages (red lines) and the result of the search (cyan lines).


This application uses and another example of usage:

  • Facebook Android SDK
  • jackson library

What is good for?

I wanted to create the code from scratch that can be resuable.

So, if I wanted another application, which uses facebook messages I could just grab 2 first activities from this application.

And of course, the usage of the magnifier-widget is relatively easy.


android-magnifier is licensed under the terms of the GPL v2.0