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The Mighty Metrics


A workout tracker for The Mighty Gym community. Workout records captured from the Score Core can be uploaded here for analysis.

Development Makefile tasks

Tasks are listed here and in the Makefile alphabetically.

Task Description
build Create a ZIP file in the build directory with everything necessary to run program.
buildToolUpdate Update to the latest version of the build tool.
checkDependencies Check library dependencies for potential updates.
checkSource Check source code against SonarCloud scanner for issues.
checkVulnerabilities Check library dependencies against the OWASP database for vulnerabilities.
classes Compile the main application without running tests to trigger development reload.
clean Wipe out the build directory from the file system.
run Start the program locally.
tasks Output all possible tasks that Gradle can run for this project.
test Run all test files.
testIntegrations Run test files that end with "IntegrationTest".
testUnits Run test files that end with "UnitTest".


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A workout tracker for The Mighty Gym community.






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