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1 parent e12994d commit b943d439e407f24a1bc253a0c1f6c64bcb4253e7 @m0mchil committed Oct 17, 2012
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@@ -35,12 +35,15 @@ def socketwrap(family=socket.AF_INET, type=socket.SOCK_STREAM, proto=0):
parser.add_option('--verbose', dest='verbose', action='store_true', help='verbose output, suitable for redirection to log file')
parser.add_option('-q', '--quiet', dest='quiet', action='store_true', help='suppress all output except hash rate display')
parser.add_option('--proxy', dest='proxy', default='', help='specify as [[socks4|socks5|http://]user:pass@]host:port (default proto is socks5)')
+parser.add_option('--no-ocl', dest='no_ocl', action='store_true', help="don't use OpenCL")
group = OptionGroup(parser, "Miner Options")
group.add_option('-r', '--rate', dest='rate', default=1, help='hash rate display interval in seconds, default=1 (60 with --verbose)', type='float')
group.add_option('-e', '--estimate', dest='estimate', default=900, help='estimated rate time window in seconds, default 900 (15 minutes)', type='int')
group.add_option('-t', '--tolerance', dest='tolerance', default=2, help='use fallback pool only after N consecutive connection errors, default 2', type='int')
group.add_option('-b', '--failback', dest='failback', default=60, help='attempt to fail back to the primary pool after N seconds, default 60', type='int')
+group.add_option('--cutoff-temp', dest='cutoff_temp',default=[], help='(for OpenCL requires temperature at which to skip kernel execution, in C, default=95')
+group.add_option('--cutoff-interval', dest='cutoff_interval',default=[], help='how long to not execute calculations if CUTOFF_TEMP is reached, in seconds, default=0.01')
group.add_option('--no-server-failbacks', dest='nsf', action='store_true', help='disable using failback hosts provided by server')
@@ -50,16 +53,13 @@ def socketwrap(family=socket.AF_INET, type=socket.SOCK_STREAM, proto=0):
"If there aren't enough entries specified, the last available is used. "
"Use --vv to specify per-device vectors usage."
-group.add_option('--no-ocl', dest='no_ocl', action='store_true', help="don't use OpenCL")
group.add_option('-p', '--platform', dest='platform', default=-1, help='use platform by id', type='int')
group.add_option('-d', '--device', dest='device', default=[], help='device ID, by default will use all GPU devices')
group.add_option('-w', '--worksize', dest='worksize', default=[], help='work group size, default is maximum returned by OpenCL')
group.add_option('-f', '--frames', dest='frames', default=[], help='will try to bring single kernel execution to 1/frames seconds, default=30, increase this for less desktop lag')
group.add_option('-s', '--sleep', dest='frameSleep', default=[], help='sleep per frame in seconds, default 0')
group.add_option('--vv', dest='vectors', default=[], help='use vectors, default false')
group.add_option('-v', '--vectors', dest='old_vectors',action='store_true', help='use vectors')
-group.add_option('--cutoff_temp', dest='cutoff_temp',default=[], help='(requires temperature at which to skip kernel execution, in C, default=95')
-group.add_option('--cutoff_interval',dest='cutoff_interval',default=[], help='(requires adl3) how long to not execute calculations if CUTOFF_TEMP is reached, in seconds, default=0.01')
(options, options.servers) = parser.parse_args()

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