A curated list of awesome things for Avro serialization format
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Awesome avro

Awesome apache-avro

A curated list of awesome things for Avro serialization format.

Inspired by the awesome list.


Libraries & Tools

  • avro – Apache Avro official page.
  • fastavro – Python alternative implementation for Avro tool and library.


  • spark-avro (github) – read Avro files in Spark.
  • json-schema-avro – Avro to JSON Schema, and back.
  • avro4s – Avro schema generation and serialization / deserialization for Scala
  • avsc – Avro for JavaScript
  • go-avro – Apache Avro for Golang
  • haskell-avro – Haskell Avro Encoding and Decoding Native Support (no RPC)


  • json-avro-converter – JSON to Avro conversion tool designed to make migration to Avro easier.
  • avro-to-json-converter – web UI for fge/json-schema-avro library. Only support Avro to JSON converter.
  • json-schema-converter – bidirectional avro and jsonschema conversions.
  • avro_get – Avro record class and reader generator
  • avro-cli-examples – Examples on how to use the command line tools in Avro Tools to read and write Avro files
  • rq – Record Query - A tool for doing record analysis and transformation
  • avrodoc – Documentation tool for Avro schemas


Share more open source libraries and applications for working with Avro. Open an issue or PR, discuss and merge it!