Yet another Python library for Grafana API
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What is this library for?

Yet another Grafana API library for Python. Support both 2 and 3 Python versions.


You need either 2nd or 3rd version of Python and only the requests library installed.

Quick start

It's available in PyPi repository:

pip install -U grafana_api

Status of REST API realization Coverage Status

Work on API implementation still in progress.

API Status
Admin +
Alerting -
Annotations -
Authentication +-
Dashboard +
Dashboard Versions -
Dashboard Permissions +
Data Source +
Folder +
Folder Permissions +
Folder/Dashboard Search +-
Organisation +
Other +
Preferences +
Snapshot -
Teams -
User +

Issue tracker

Please report any bugs and enhancement ideas using the grafana_api issue tracker:

Feel free to also ask questions on the tracker.


grafana_api is licensed under the terms of the MIT License (see the file LICENSE).