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This is a small Python script to analyze your Minecraft server log file and to generate some nice statistics as HTML-File.

Above you can see an example of MCLogalyzer.

MCLogalyzer is free software and available under the GPL license.


To run MCLogalyzer you need jinja2 as template engine. You can install it with pip:

pip install jinja2

Then you can install MCLogalyzer with the setup.py script:

python setup.py install 

Now you can run it with mclogalyzer.

Alternatively you can directly run the script mclogalyzer/mclogalyzer.py.

How to use the script

You have to pass the path to the Minecraft server log directory and the path to an output HTML-File to the script:

mclogalyzer server/logs stats.html

Per default the script searches for a template (to generate the output file) in the directory of the mclogalyzer.py script. You can also use your own template file by specifying the option -t template.html or --template=template.html.

You can also skip a part of the log file by specifying a time where the script should start analyzing. To do this use the --since parameter. You have to specify the time in the format year-month-day hour:minute:second, for example --since="2013-05-16 00:00:00". Or, you can simply use --month or --week to generate the report of last month or last week.

You can use the whitelist as a guide using --w whitelist.json. If so, users not included in the whitelist will be removed from final results, and users not present in log file but present in whitelist will be added to the output.