A Leiningen plugin that copies files and transforms them using stencil
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A plugin that can be used to copy files from mulitple source directories to a target directory while maintaining the subdirecotries. Also, each file will by default be transformed using stencil. The map that is passed to stencil contains a combination of:

  • The project map
  • The system properties (with .prop added to the name )
  • Additional values (currently only :timestamp)
  • Values set in the project.clj using :resource :extra-values


To use from Leiningen add to project.clj:

:plugins [ [lein-resource "16.9.1"] ] 

To have it run before the jar file creation:

:prep-tasks ["javac" "compile" "resource"]

To have it run before compile and after clean:

:hooks [leiningen.resource]

To configure lein-resource, add to project.clj

:resource {

  :resource-paths ["src-resources"] ;; required or does nothing
  ; OR
  :resource-paths [ ["src-resource" 
                      :includes []  ;; list of regex
                      :excludes []  ;; list of regex
                      :target-path "" ;; directory to store files
                      :extra-values {} ;; override the top level
		                       ;; values for this resource		      

  :target-path "target/html" ;; optional default to the global one
  :update   false      ;; if true only process files with src newer than dest
  :includes [ #".*" ]  ;; optional - this is the default
  :excludes [ #".*~" ] ;; optional - default is no excludes which is en empty vector
  :silent false ;; if true, only print errors
  :verbose false ;; if true, print debugging information
  :skip-stencil [ #"src-resources/images/.*" ] ;; optionally skip stencil processing - default is an empty vector
  :extra-values { :year ~(.get (java.util.GregorianCalendar.)
                                   (java.util.Calendar/YEAR)) }  ;; optional - default to nil

If :resource-paths is not set or is nil, then it won't do anything


To run to plugin directly simply enter

lein resource

To see all the properties that are passed to stencil:

lein resource pprint

To print the value of a stencil passed as an argument (useful for build scripts & testing templates)

 lein resource print  "{{version}}"
 export MY_PROJECT_VERSION=$(lein resource print "{{name}}:{{version}}")

To delete all the copied files and empty directories:

lein resource clean

Values passed to stencil

Note that stencil/mustache uses dot notation (.) for nested maps. For example, to get the username system property use:


A file that uses this plugin would contain:

# {{description}}
# Build date: {{timestamp}}
# Built by: {{user.name.prop}}
# Copyright {{year}}
  • description is pulled from the project.clj
  • timestamp is pulled from the addition fields
  • user.name.prop is pulled from the system properties. The system properties always have .prop on the end
  • year is pulled from the exta-values defined in the project.clj

To see it in action, see the Tic Tac Toe project.clj


To contribute, create a pull request. Be sure to include unit tests for changes.


Copyright © 2015 Matther O. Smith

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.