When the Emacs server is stopped malabar's GroovyServer continues to work #41

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I use Emacs in deamon mode(emacs --daemon). When the Emacs server is stopped(with kill-emacs) malabar's GroovyServer continues to work. Maybe a simple solution can be implemented, one advising the kill-emacs function?


Hm. It doesn't do that for me (Emacs built on 2010-06-07).

Can you reproduce this reliably?


I'm using 23.2.1 on Fedora 13. The issue is reproducible most of the time.
emacs --daemon
emacsclient -c
do some work in a maven project
M-x kill-emacs
then I see with ps that GroovyServer hasn't died and is interfering somehow with the emacs daemon shutdown. I don't use Emacs in non daemon mode so I'm not sure if the problem is not related to that.

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