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How to display more information from Maven? #57

skybert opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Hi there,

again, thanks for a great mode! I use malabar every day and one thing I'd love is to view more of the error message from Maven Compilation. Often, malabar only tells me "Cannot find symbol", however often I would like to have more information, I would like to know exactly what symbol it couldn't find.

For instance, if I use a constructor which doesn't exist, such as:
List list = new ArrayList(myLogger);

Malabar only tells me "Cannot find symbol". What I would like is also the second line from Maven, producting something like:
Cannot find symbol: constructor ArrayList(org.apache.log4j.Logger)

Furthermore, how can I get malabar to display warnings from Maven? Such as warnings that I haven't used generic in the below statement:
List list = new ArrayList();

And lastly, is there a way to display the errors (and warnings) in the minibuffer instead of/in addition to the tool tip text?

Best regards,


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