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Step by step instruction for install OpenVAS on CentOS
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  1. Disable SELINUX (edit /etc/selinux/config) and reboot
  2. Update your CentOS installation and reboot if necessary
yum -y update
  1. Add Atomicorp repo (see
wget -q -O - | sh
  1. Install the follow packages
yum install -y wget bzip2 texlive net-tools alien gnutls-utils
  1. Install OpenVAS 9
yum install openvas -y
  1. edit /etc/redis.conf. Add/uncomment the following
unixsocket /tmp/redis.sock
unixsocketperm 700
  1. Restart Redis
systemctl enable redis && systemctl restart redis
  1. Follow instructions and remember your admin password. If rsync throws error, check that your network allows outgoing TCP 873 to internet
  1. Open firewall port for tcp/9392
firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=9392/tcp
firewall-cmd --reload
firewall-cmd --list-port

Go to:

https://<IP-ADDRESS>:9392 and login.
  1. To verify your OpenVAS setup, run
openvas-check-setup --v9

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