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Play videos on with MPV and Danmaku2ASS

End-of-life notice

Note: This project is not maintained anymore, and is not guaranteed to work. I will not add new features in predictable future. For any need of improving or fixing, please send me a pull request for me to merge your code in. Thank you for your long-time support.

注:本项目已经停止维护,不保证能用。在可以预见的将来,我也不会再加入新的功能。如果有改进、修复的需求,请发 Pull Request 给我,我会把你的代码合并进来。一直以来,谢谢大家的支持了。

注︰ 此專案不會再繼續維持,不能保證工作。我不會在可預見的將來添加新功能。如果有任何改進、修復的需要,請給我發 Pull Request,我會合併你的程式碼。一直以來,謝謝大家的支援了。

注:このプロジェクトをメインテインしていません、動作は保証されません。予測可能な将来に、私は新しい機能を追加しません。改善や修正する必要がある場合、あなたのコードをマージするために、Pull Request を送信してください。いつもありがとうございました。


Note that Libav does not work. See why FFmpeg is preferred.


./     # High density comments!
./ # Extreme density!
./  # Even Toukome (advanced comments)!

Use option --source overseas if your are outside China. And --source html5 to use the the experimental HTML5 API. Use --fakeip if you can't get valid media URLs due to ip restrictions.

Why Biligrab-Danmaku2ASS?

  • Bilibili uses a Flash-based video player. Flash is unavailable since Chromium 35 to Linux users.
  • Chrome Pepper Flash has a font-related bug on Linux, which causes the whole page crash when Flash tries to render certain CJK fonts so that you have no chance to switch to another font. This caused Bilibili Flash player unusable to Google Chrome users on Linux.
  • Mozilla Firefox users on Linux never receives a newer Flash player than 11.2 from Adobe. It is certain that Adobe has abandoned Flash.
  • Flash consumes too much energy. Flash causes a burning laptop.
  • Experiments show that Danmaku2ASS renders a lot faster than the native Bilibili player and even similar software such as ABPlayerHTML5. Thanks to libass, Danmaku2ASS has passed a extreme density test at 60 fps on a Intel Core i5 laptop.


  • Use key V to switch comment visibility.
  • Some videos require logging in your account. Import your Cookie at with --cookie option.
  • If you have difficulties connecting to video server, try --overseas.
  • If your computer is not fast enough, try --mpvflags '--framedrop yes'.
  • Use --d2aflags 'duration_marquee=5' to set comment flow speed.
  • Use --d2aflags 'text_opacity=0.8' to set comment opacity.
  • Try to fast forward or rewind when streaming is stuck, or to tweak cache parameters of mpv.
  • For issue related to URL parsing (especially the experimental HTML5 API), please report directly to Biligrab, the upstream parser:


Like the original Biligrab, Biligrab-Danmaku2ASS is licensed under MIT license as well. This program is provided as is, with absolutely no warranty.