Thrift based key-value store with various storage backends, including MySQL, Berkeley DB, and LevelDB.
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License Info

Mapkeeper uses several 3rd party open source libraries and tools. The remainder of this file summarizes the tools used, their purpose, and the licenses under which they're released.


Thrift is a serialization and RPC framework:

Apache 2.0 license


Boost is a collection of utility libraries for C++:

Boost Software License


Libevent is an asynchronous event notification library.

3-clause BSD license

Oracle Berkeley DB

Oracle Berkeley DB is a B-tree based transactional key-value store.

Open Source License for Oracle Berkeley DB

Berkeley DB Java Edition

Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition is log structured transactional key-value store.

Open Source License for Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition


HandlerSocket is a MySQL plugin that supports simple key-value operations without going through SQL layer.

HandlerSocket License


LevelDB is a LSM-Tree based key-value store library.

2-clause BSD license


MySQL is a popular SQL database.

MySQL Licensing Policy


YCSB is a framework and common set of workloads for evaluating the performance of different key-value stores.

Apache 2.0 License

Kyoto Cabinet

Kyoto Cabinet is a key-value store library.

Kyoto Cabinet License


OpenLDAP LMDB is a B-tree based memory-mapped transactional key-value store.

OpenLDAP License