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MapKeeper is a Thrift-based key-value store that supports various storage engines. Currently MapKeeper supports the following storage engines:

You can run YCSB against MapKeeper to benchmark different storage engines. See this page for step-by-step instructions on how to get started with MapKeeper.


MapKeeper provides an API that is similar to C++ std::map and Java SortedMap. You can insert, update, read, and delete records from a map. You can also scan a map and retrieve records sorted by their keys. Please see mapkeeper.thrift for API documentation.


MySQL vs. LevelDB

This benchmark compares MySQL and LevelDB for disk I/O bound workload.

TThreadedServer vs. TNonblockingServer

Which Thrift RPC server should MapKeeper use? This benchmark compares 2 Thrift C++ RPC servers; TThreadedServer and TNonblockingServer.

HandlerSocket Benchmark

750K qps on a commodity server? You just have to try that!