WebGL-powered oscilloscope
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m1el fixed a few problems with array miscalculations
- scratch buffer is half the required size
- index array was half the required size
- drawElements accepts number of vertices, not number of triangles
Latest commit 74af1e3 Mar 5, 2017


woscope: oscilloscope emulator

This is a POC oscilloscope emulator with live demo

Full explanation available on the blag

Code is available under MIT license.


<audio id="myAudio" controls src="woscope-music/khrang.m4a"></audio><br>
<canvas id="myCanvas" width="800" height="800"></canvas>
<script src="dist/woscope.js"></script>
    var myCanvas = document.getElementById('myCanvas'),
        myAudio = document.getElementById('myAudio');

        canvas: myCanvas,
        audio: myAudio,
        callback: function () { myAudio.play(); },
        error: function (msg) { console.log('woscope error:', msg); }

Dev commands

npm install      # install dev dependencies
npm run demo     # run demo locally with livereload
npm run build    # lint and build dist files