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MediaWiki to WordPress Converter based on
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MediaWiki to WordPress Converter based on

I have added some very rough code to convert URLs, images (all centred), media, headers bold/italic, tables (ugly HTML), block quotes, bullents (buggy) and some maths/latex, as well asflag up (with FIXME) things that are noticed but not handled. You should use with caution. This code has had almost no testing.

A new option -r has been added to generate apache rewrite rules between old (MediaWiki) and new (WordPress) URLs.

No responsibiltiy of ruining your website, etc., you're on your own with this.


  • Visit mediaiwiki-site/wiki/Special:AllPages to get a list of all pages in the CMS.
  • Extract the list from the page, make into a single column, one page per line.
  • Visit mediaiwiki-site/wiki/Special:Export and input the list of pages as created above.
    • Select "Include only the current revision, not the full history".
    • Select "Save as file".
    • Leave "Include templates", as you do not need them.
    • Press "Export"
  • Run the converter code here, -f mediawiki.xml -o wordpress.xml
  • Import the newly created XML file into WordPress using the Importer
    • Navigate to wordpress-site/wordpress/wp-admin/admin.php?import=wordpress
    • "Choose File" and select the converted XML file
    • "Upload File and Import"
    • Assign Authors
    • Press Submit


You may find that you want to use the script to generate rewrite rules from the old MediaWiki URLs, or, to print a list of where images should be located in the YYYY/MM/. The -r flag will help with the rewrites, but, you may need to modify the code to suit your exact needs.

If you decide to add more features, you're welcome to submit a pull request to this repository.

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