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WIP in Activity v2.0

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Added a new example based on .Net
I haven't yet tested it; I need to setup a working dev Activity environment (if this is something you can "Just Do" let me know, otherwise I'll try to get it all working).

@usmanatron usmanatron Add .NET (C#) example
@usmanatron usmanatron referenced this pull request Dec 12, 2016

More clients #20


@usmanatron Looks good, but it needs to be tested before merging.
I can help you with the setup, it's really simple.
Also, if you tell me how to comply it or send me the binary pointing to, I can test it.
Anyway, thank you for helping!


@m1guelpf Of course, totally understand.
I'm going to have a proper go and creating a dev environment tonight. If I get stuck I'll let you know :-)


@usmanatron Any updates on this?


Hi @m1guelpf
Sorry, I haven't had a chance to have a go yet (it's getting busy at work). Im still hoping to test imminently but might by on the weekend at this rate?

@m1guelpf Merge branch 'master' into master
m1guelpf commented Dec 19, 2016 edited

@usmanatron Just added installation instructions and Deploy to Heroku.
Check your fork's readme.

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