A collection of Eclipse plugins for M2Eclipse that carry configuration from the Checkstyle, FindBugs and PMD Maven plugins to their corresponding Eclipse plugins.
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This project provides Eclipse plugins that bridge the Maven and Eclipse plugins for Checkstyle and PMD. In a Maven project that uses Checkstyle or PMD, the project configures the tools via configuration information the POM or pointed to by the POM.

On the other hand, the Eclipse plugins for these tools provide annotations and as-you-edit notifications of issues. Thus, it's desirable to turn the Maven plugins off in M2E, to turn the Eclipse plugins on, and to move configuration from the Maven plugins to the Eclipse plugins.

In a perfect world, there would be some sort of standardized API that would allow a build tool like Maven to publish this configuration and for IDE plugins to consume it. In reality, this has to be arranged, one plugin-pair at a time, and depends rather delicately on the OSGi manifests of the receiving plugins. If they don't export enough API for programmatic configuration, it cannot be done.

These Eclipse plugins are built with the Tycho Maven plugin. The marriage of OSGi, Eclipse, and Maven is imperfect. In particular, it rarely works to run a build that does not start with 'clean'.

This project has Oomph, and you can set up an Eclipse development workspace of it in one click by:

  1. Downloading the Eclipse Installer from https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ and starting it.
  2. On the initial page, click on the Switch to advanced mode button in the top right.
  3. On the Product page, select Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers.
  4. On the Projects page, collapse the Eclipse Projects to scroll down to the Github Projects and select m2e-code-quality.
  5. Choose your preferred installation settings on the Variables page.
  6. Finish the wizard and watch how your development environment is being assembled, courtesy of Oomph.

See doc/release.md for information about how all of this is released.

Activity here is 'coordinated' on a mailing list: m2e-code-quality@googlegroups.com.