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REST services and M2mdata Arduino library

REST services (server functions or http calls) and a M2M Arduino library allow to use M2Mlight platform. First, you need to register the sensor, actuator or alert and obtain the api_key values in platform.

These REST services and Arduino library can be used to send and receive values between the m2mlight platform and a program in a microcontroller or computer (arduino, raspberry, esp8266, etc.) or in a mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

The communication with the m2mlight platform can be using Ethernet (Arduino Ethernet or ENC28J60 shields) or GSM (SIM800L module).

1. REST services

To upload/download data to m2mlight platform using http from a browser or program, you can employ the following server functions:

a) Sensors:

b) Actuators:

c) Alerts:

You can use these functions inside an C++ code (Arduino or Esp8266) or Python code (Raspberry). You can see and example in the file: If you are using an Arduino is better to use the M2MData library.

If you are using a GSM/GPRS chip like SIM800L then you can connect to directly with http commands. See example_use_sim800.ino.

2. M2mData Arduino Library

The m2mData Arduino Library allows you to store and retrieve data of sensors, actuators and alerts to/from m2mlight. You can use http or mqtt protocol.

You need to create a m2mData folder in your Arduino Libraries and download the files: m2mData.h and m2mData.cpp. You can see examples of use in the following files: examples_use_m2mdata.ino.

When arduino is connected to Internet, you have the following functions:

a) Sensors:

// Store a single "value" of a sensor identified with "api_key" using http protocol

void sendValue(char api_key[], float value);

// Store a single "value" of a sensor identified with "api_key" using mqtt protocol

void sendValueMqtt(char api_key[], float value);

// Store coordinates values of a location sensor identified with "api_key"

void sendCoordinates(char api_key[], float latitude, float longitude);

// Return the last single value of a sensor identified with "api_key"

float readValue(char api_key[]);

b) Actuators:

// Send an email about an action of an actuator identified with "api_key"

void sendEmailAction(char api_key[]);

// Return the star hour (HH:MM) of an actuator identified with "api_key"

String readActuatorHour(char api_key[]);

// Update the start hour "start_hour" (HH:MM) of an actuator identified with "api_key"

void updateActuatorHour(char api_key[], char start_hour[]);

c) Alerts:

// Send an email of an alert identified with "api_key"

void sendEmailAlert(char api_key[]);


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