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+title: New Year's Resolutions (2014 ed.)
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+Happy New Year everyone! I hope it will be a fruitful year for all of us. My resolutions for this year:
+- spend 2 weeks trekking in a country I haven't visited before
+- get my driver's licence
+- 15 open source projects on github
+- swim 3km in under 2hrs
+- attend 10 networking events or conferences
+- publish 12 blog posts
+- read 3 books on modern German politics
+- read 7 biographies of notable states- and business(wo)men
+- publish an android app
+- spend more time reading (books) than gaming
+- create something that solves a 'big problem'
+- have one project with at least 20 stars on github
+- reach B1 in Japanese
+To prevent falling into the same trap as last year I am trying a new approach: a focus on the overall and less on time-bound achievement.
+I wish you the best resolve with your own resolutions!

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