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(in-package :optima)
(defparameter *debug-compiler* nil)
(defun compile-clause-body (body)
(cond ((null body)
;; Empty body.
((and (consp (first body))
(eq (car (first body)) 'declare))
;; Wrap with LOCALLY for declarations.
`(locally ,.body))
((= (length body) 1)
;; Singleton form.
(first body))
;; Otherwise, wrap with PROGN.
`(progn ,.body))))
(defun compile-match-fail (form else)
(if (equal else '(fail))
;; No need to introduce %OR anymore.
`(%or ,form ,else)))
(defun compile-match-variable-group (vars clauses else)
(let ((clauses
(loop for ((pattern . rest) . then) in clauses
for name = (variable-pattern-name pattern)
(if name
`(,rest (let ((,name ,(car vars))) ,.then))
`(,rest ,.then)))))
(%compile-match (cdr vars)
(defun compile-match-place-group (vars clauses else)
(let ((clauses
(loop for ((pattern . rest) . then) in clauses
for name = (place-pattern-name pattern)
(if name
`(,rest (symbol-macrolet ((,name ,(car vars))) ,.then))
`(,rest ,.then)))))
(%compile-match (cdr vars)
(defun compile-match-constant-group (vars clauses else)
`(%if ,(with-slots (value) (caaar clauses)
`(%equals ,(car vars) ,value))
,(%compile-match (cdr vars)
(loop for ((nil . rest) . then) in clauses
collect `(,rest ,.then))
(defun compile-match-constructor-group (vars clauses else)
(let* ((pattern (caaar clauses))
(arity (constructor-pattern-arity pattern))
(var (car vars))
(new-vars (make-gensym-list arity))
(then (%compile-match (append new-vars (cdr vars))
(loop for ((pattern . rest) . then) in clauses
for subpatterns = (constructor-pattern-subpatterns pattern)
collect `((,@subpatterns ,.rest) ,.then))
(destructor (constructor-pattern-make-destructor pattern var)))
(loop for i from 0 below arity
for new-var in new-vars
for accessor-form in (destructor-accessor-forms destructor)
for binding = `(,new-var ,accessor-form)
if (loop for ((pattern . nil) . nil) in clauses
for arg = (nth i (constructor-pattern-subpatterns pattern))
never (place-pattern-included-p arg))
collect binding into let-bindings
collect binding into symbol-bindings
(when symbol-bindings
(setq then `(symbol-macrolet ,symbol-bindings
(declare (ignorable ,@(mapcar #'car symbol-bindings)))
(when let-bindings
(setq then `(let ,let-bindings
(declare (ignorable ,@(mapcar #'car let-bindings)))
(let ((form `(%if ,(destructor-predicate-form destructor)
(bindings (destructor-bindings destructor)))
(if bindings
`(let ,bindings
(declare (ignorable ,@(mapcar #'car bindings)))
(defun compile-match-or-group (vars clauses else)
(assert (= (length clauses) 1))
(destructuring-bind ((pattern . rest) . then)
(first clauses)
(let ((subpatterns (or-pattern-subpatterns pattern))
(new-vars (pattern-variables pattern)))
(unless subpatterns
(return-from compile-match-or-group else))
(let ((bind-form
(%compile-match `(,(first vars))
(loop for i from 0
for subpattern in subpatterns
for vars = (pattern-variables subpattern)
for vals
= (loop for var in new-vars
collect (if (member var vars) var))
collect `((,subpattern) (values ,@vals)))
(%compile-match (cdr vars)
`((,rest ,.then))
(if new-vars
`(%or (multiple-value-bind ,new-vars ,bind-form
(declare (ignorable ,@new-vars))
`(%or (progn ,bind-form ,body) ,else))))))
(defun compile-match-not-group (vars clauses else)
(assert (= (length clauses) 1))
(destructuring-bind ((pattern . rest) . then)
(first clauses)
(let ((pattern (not-pattern-subpattern pattern)))
`(if ,(%compile-match `(,(first vars))
`(((,pattern) nil))
,(%compile-match (cdr vars)
`((,rest ,.then))
(defun compile-match-empty-group (clauses else)
`(%or ,@(loop for (nil . then) in clauses
collect (compile-clause-body then))
(defun compile-match-group (vars group else)
(let ((fail '(fail)))
(if-let (it (and vars (caaar group)))
(etypecase it
(compile-match-variable-group vars group fail))
(compile-match-place-group vars group fail))
(compile-match-constant-group vars group fail))
(compile-match-constructor-group vars group fail))
(compile-match-not-group vars group fail))
(compile-match-or-group vars group fail)))
(compile-match-empty-group group fail))
(defun compile-match-groups (vars groups else)
(reduce (lambda (group else) (compile-match-group vars group else))
:initial-value else
:from-end t))
(defun group-match-clauses (clauses)
(flet ((same-group-p (x y)
(and (eq (type-of x) (type-of y))
(typecase x
(%equal (constant-pattern-value x)
(constant-pattern-value y)))
(constructor-pattern-destructor-sharable-p x y))
((or guard-pattern and-pattern)
(error "Something wrong."))
((or not-pattern or-pattern)
(otherwise t)))))
(group clauses :test #'same-group-p :key #'caar)))
(defun preprocess-match-clause (clause)
(if (and (consp clause)
(car clause))
(destructuring-bind (patterns . then) clause
;; Parse and check patterns here.
(setq patterns (mapcar #'parse-pattern patterns))
(check-patterns patterns)
;; Desugar WHEN/UNLESS here.
(cond ((and (>= (length then) 2)
(eq (first then) 'when))
(setq then `((if ,(second then)
,(compile-clause-body (cddr then))
((and (>= (length then) 2)
(eq (first then) 'unless))
(setq then `((if (not ,(second then))
,(compile-clause-body (cddr then))
(let ((pattern (first patterns))
(rest (rest patterns)))
;; Recursively expand AND pattern here like:
;; (AND) => _
;; (AND x) => x
(loop while (and-pattern-p pattern) do
(let ((sub-patterns (and-pattern-subpatterns pattern)))
(case (length sub-patterns)
(0 (setq pattern (parse-pattern '_)))
(1 (setq pattern (first sub-patterns)))
(t (return)))))
;; Lift GUARD patterns here.
(setq pattern (lift-guard-patterns pattern))
;; Recursively expand GUARD pattern here.
;; FIXME: AND patterns?
(loop while (guard-pattern-p pattern) do
(setq then `((if ,(guard-pattern-test-form pattern)
,(compile-clause-body then)
pattern (guard-pattern-subpattern pattern)))
`((,pattern ,.rest) ,.then)))
(defun preprocess-match-clauses (vars clauses)
(let* ((clauses (mapcar #'preprocess-match-clause clauses))
(loop for clause in clauses
for (patterns . nil) = clause
if (and-pattern-p (first patterns))
collect clause)))
(if and-clauses
;; Recursively expand AND patterns here like:
;; (((AND x y) z)
;; ((AND a b c) d)
;; (p))
;; =>
;; ((x y _ z)
;; (a b c d)
;; (p _ _ _))
(loop with arity
= (loop for ((pattern . nil) . nil) in and-clauses
maximize (length (and-pattern-subpatterns pattern)))
for clause in clauses
for (patterns . then) = clause
for pattern = (first patterns)
for prefix
= (cond ((and-pattern-p pattern)
(and-pattern-subpatterns pattern))
(list pattern)))
for postfix
= (make-list (- arity (length prefix))
:initial-element (parse-pattern '_))
for new-patterns = (append prefix postfix (rest patterns))
collect `(,new-patterns ,.then) into new-clauses
finally (let ((new-vars
(and vars
(append (make-list arity
:initial-element (first vars))
(rest vars)))))
(return (preprocess-match-clauses new-vars new-clauses))))
;; Otherwise, just return the variables and the clauses.
(list vars clauses))))
(defun compile-match (vars clauses else)
;; or more times
(destructuring-bind (vars clauses)
(preprocess-match-clauses vars clauses)
(let ((groups (group-match-clauses clauses)))
(compile-match-groups vars groups else))))
(defun compile-match-1 (form clauses else)
(setq clauses (mapcar (lambda (c) (cons (list (car c)) (cdr c))) clauses))
(if (symbolp form)
(compile-match (list form) clauses else)
(with-unique-names (var)
`(let ((,var ,form))
(declare (ignorable ,var))
,(compile-match (list var) clauses else)))))
(defun compile-multiple-value-match (values-form clauses else)
(let* ((arity (loop for (patterns . nil) in clauses
maximize (length patterns)))
(vars (make-gensym-list arity "VAR")))
`(multiple-value-bind ,vars ,values-form
,@(when vars
`((declare (ignorable ,@vars))))
,(compile-match vars clauses else))))
(defun %compile-match (vars clauses else)
(if *debug-compiler*
`(%match ,vars ,clauses ,else)
(compile-match vars clauses else)))
(defmacro %match (vars clauses else)
"Compiler cushion macro. This is useful for seeing and debugging the
process of pattern matching compiler."
(compile-match vars clauses else))