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(in-package :optima.extra)
;;; Extra patterns
(defpattern alist (&rest args)
`(and ,@(loop for (key . value) in args
collect `(assoc ,key ,value))))
(defpattern plist (&rest args)
`(and ,@(loop for (key . value) in (plist-alist args)
collect `(property ,key ,value))))
;;; Extra macros
(defmacro if-match (pattern arg &body (then &optional else))
"Equivalent to (match ARG (PATTERN THEN) (otherwise ELSE))."
`(match ,arg
(,pattern ,then)
(otherwise ,else)))
(defmacro when-match (pattern arg &body body)
"Equivalent to (match ARG (PATTERN BODY...))."
`(match ,arg (,pattern ,.body)))
(defmacro unless-match (pattern arg &body body)
"Equivalent to (match ARG (PATTERN) (otherwise BODY...))."
`(match ,arg
(otherwise ,.body)))
(defmacro let-match (bindings &body body)
"Similar to LET, except not only a variable but also a pattern can
be used in BINDINGS."
`(optima::ematch* ,(mapcar #'cadr bindings)
(,(mapcar #'car bindings) ,.body)))
(defmacro let-match* (bindings &body body)
"Similar to LET-MATCH but matches sequentially."
(reduce (lambda (binding form) `(let-match (,binding) ,form))
:from-end t
:initial-value `(locally ,.body)))
(defmacro let-match1 (pattern arg &body body)
"Equivalent to (let-match ((PATTERN ARG)) BODY...)."
`(let-match ((,pattern ,arg)) ,.body))
(defmacro lambda-match (&body clauses)
"Equivalent to (lambda (arg) (match arg CLAUSES...))."
(with-unique-names (arg)
`(lambda (,arg) (match ,arg ,@clauses))))
(defmacro lambda-ematch (&body clauses)
"Equivalent to (lambda (arg) (ematch arg CLAUSES...))."
(with-unique-names (arg)
`(lambda (,arg) (ematch ,arg ,@clauses))))
(defmacro lambda-cmatch (&body clauses)
"Equivalent to (lambda (arg) (cmatch arg CLAUSES...))."
(with-unique-names (arg)
`(lambda (,arg) (cmatch ,arg ,@clauses))))
(defmacro lambda-match1 (pattern &body body)
"Equivalent to (lambda-match (PATTERN BODY...))."
`(lambda-match (,pattern ,@body)))
(defmacro lambda-ematch1 (pattern &body body)
"Equivalent to (lambda-ematch (PATTERN BODY...))."
`(lambda-ematch (,pattern ,@body)))
(defmacro lambda-cmatch1 (pattern &body body)
"Equivalent to (lambda-cmatch (PATTERN BODY...))."
`(lambda-cmatch (,pattern ,@body)))