Small script to create cloud configs for hosts or clusters
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A small Python script to ease the creation of extensive cloud config files for clusters.

A basic CoreOS cluster configuration has about 95% identical configuration in a cloud config file. Still, you need to change every configuration change in every file. That's why I wrote this script. Enabled by Jinja2 templating you'll only need one master template and one values file.

Basic usage:

./cloud-config-creator -t master-example.tmpl -f values-example.yml

This will create files named like the hostname for each cluster node in the values file located in the current working directory.

You can use --outpath/-o to alter the output directory for created files.

Furthermore you can add includes to every node, see the master-example.tmpl to see how. If you want, you can stash your includes in a different path, this path can be added via --includepath/-i.

For more information see my blog post about cloud-config-creator.