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Alpine Linux simp_le Docker container

This is a containerfile for the "simp_le" Let's encrypt implementation by kuba ( It's running on Alpine Linux and is only around 90MB in size. It was inspired by katta/sim_le but has a couple of improvements.

Certs are saved in /certs so you should mount a persistent volume there.

Simple run

If you only want to get some certificates, simply run the container like this:

docker run -ti -p 80:80 -v /etc/nginx/certs:/certs \
m3adow/letsencrypt-simp_le -f account_key.json  \
-f chain.pem -f cert.pem -f key.pem --email \
-d -d

Repo Refresh

simp_le is refreshed from the repos master branch at container start. This normally takes not more than one second and ensures it's always up to date. If you want to disable this functionality, start the container with the environment variable SKIP_REFRESH set. It doesn't matter which value it contains as long as it's not null.

docker run -ti -p 80:80 -v /etc/nginx/certs:/certs -e "SKIP_REFRESH=1" \
	m3adow/letsencrypt-simp_le -f account_key.json  -f chain.pem \
	-f cert.pem -f key.pem --email -d

Entrypoint Override

By default the container starts with an entrypoint-script which passes all arguments you start the container with to If you want to start another application, e.g. for debugging or to build something ontop the container, you have to set the environment variable OVERRIDE. Identical to SKIP_REFRESH, it only needs to be not null, the value doesn't matter. OVERRIDE implies SKIP_REFRESH (but not the other way around), so no need to define both envs.

docker run -ti -p 80:80 -v /etc/nginx/certs:/certs -e "OVERRIDE=1" \
	m3adow/letsencrypt-simp_le sh


Docker container for the "simp_le" Let's encrypt implementation running on Alpine Linux




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