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Some utilities written in golang
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cmd add cmd package (sync with dev:01a3c55) Sep 18, 2015
dns convert newline to unix format Sep 23, 2014
encoding add package encoding Jul 6, 2015
html add html.AbsUrl(), html.AbsUrlHtml() May 21, 2015
http update http/auth.go: rename errorHandler() to ErrorHandler401() (sync… Aug 11, 2016
log fix typo and update test case for log package (sync with dev:47b8192) Sep 15, 2015
path add PathMatch() in path.go (sync with dev:fe843ce) Aug 11, 2016
possible add possible/possible.go Aug 29, 2015
query-parser add package query-parser Jun 1, 2015
set add set_test.go Jan 16, 2015
slice add package slice Jun 26, 2015
timeslot add timeslot package Mar 12, 2015
tls add package path, add package tls, add http/redirect2https.go (sync w… Oct 15, 2015
xml convert newline to unix format Sep 23, 2014


Some utilities written in golang.


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