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Ran v0.1.2 binaries

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@m3ng9i m3ng9i released this 29 Oct 08:00
· 36 commits to master since this release

Ran v0.1.2 now support TLS encryption and custom 401 file.

Download, unzip and run the Ran binary. The OS and architecture are described in the filenames. You should build the binary yourself if the files are not suit for your platform.

Filename Sha1 aa06b13fcff0d4ae9405108cf2fc96176d5930ac c9d6e69402b1e32d0d51fd14771be8d45f8d06bc 541a0b9bb4a6ee75f5223e28765e24d34dce3749 b6a358e50b6eee26d4b26b53c0899bc5afb57906 af3ff7f6fabc26192f0c5eec0c0fe3dd5c4ecf3b
Filename (unzipped) Sha1
ran_windows_386.exe 6c589d6dd02c9b742868bde1ab719ca30457b043
ran_windows_amd64.exe 069e84da41fbc9a9fa8e09d8e73bea780e98fc9a
ran_linux_386 87da802f5e7fdefa43c49c0c29d7254beec040c3
ran_linux_amd64 90abb9ce143d96b2582c678659eaeae1416ee518
ran_darwin_amd64 ed323cd8c6d8f0dfdf1840119b259b593ad1684e