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Twig for CakePHP (v0.8.0)

This plugin for the CakePHP Framework allows you to use the Twig, the flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP.

Apart from enabling you to use most of Twig's features the plugin is tightly integrated with the CakePHP view renderer giving you full access to helpers, objects and elements.

New in this version

  • Using Composer for dependency management


via Archive

Download the current version as ZIP, unzip it and rename the extracted folder to twig. Then put the twig folder inside your plugins and you are done.

via GitHub

Just clone the repository directly into your plugins folder as twig.

$ git clone twig

Twig Version Support

This plugin now uses Composer to manage dependencies. Simply running "composer install" will fetch the required libraries.

Enabling the View

Inside your app_controller.php add the following:

class AppController extends Controller {
    public $view = 'Twig.Twig'; // use twig

Now start by creating twig templates using the .tpl extension.

Fallback / Upgrading exsiting apps

By default the view will render any existing .ctp like always but will prefer the .tpl version if present. This means that, for example, the index.ctp is used until you create a index.tpl at the same location.

That way you can upgrade existing views one at a time instead of having to rework all files at once.


Check the wiki for more details on features and usage.

Version History

This version was written on CakePHP 1.3.


  • Replaced "TWIG_DIR" method with composer.
  • Removed included Twig library
  • Minor refactoring


  • Added TWIG_DIR so you can define the full Twig root-directory name
  • Deprecated TWIG_VERSION because it lost its purpose due to this change
  • Added fabpot/Twig as a submodule of this git repository


  • Complete rewrite
  • Latest Twig (v1.8.3 atm)
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to migrate
  • Extendable (see wiki)
  • More CakePHP Filters

CakePHP 2

Support for 2.x may be limited to non-existant. If you run on 2.x i suggest that you check out the fork of predominant.


MIT License
Copyright (c) 2010-2014, Kjell Bublitz.