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  • Cleaned up the code a bit
  • Added doc blocks
  • Updated readme for 2.0
  • Removed all 1.x related code
  • Simplified render

This removes all CakePHP 1.x functionality, and I am in the process of changing this to work straight off ctp files, and a few other changes in the works. Not sure if this is the vision you have for the plugin, but just putting it out there.

predominant and others added some commits Dec 5, 2011

@predominant predominant Removed empty AppController and AppModel files. Not needed. 9c82edc
@predominant predominant Moved libs => Lib a71b6c8
@predominant predominant Moved views => View and renamed twig.php to TwigView.php 72f220f
@predominant predominant Renamed all Lib files 0a430a8
@predominant predominant Made readme file less shouty 34a2fdf
@predominant predominant Renamed license file temporarily 86001f8
@predominant predominant Renamed license file. a171113
@predominant predominant Temp rename for Layouts. 0cf41fc
@predominant predominant Moved layouts to Layouts (case change) 087e274
@predominant predominant Restructured readme, and changed for 2.0 version instructions. 5a7d7e9
@predominant predominant Temporarily removed the vendors directory. 5d0fc9a
@predominant predominant Added Twig to Vendor directory 7bed48a
@predominant predominant Jigger the include of the Twig Autoloader to use a require. Faster, s…
@predominant predominant Added path for CakePlugin::path call. 37c57b7
@predominant predominant Adding doc block 555b8b3
@predominant predominant Stripping out 1.x compatability. aac4b88
@predominant predominant Fixed Lib loading 9554b92
@predominant predominant removed _paths, it wasn't adding anything useful. 495ac52
@predominant predominant Fixed variable name for Controller 2006f63
@predominant predominant Added Twig_Node_Element for inclusion on TwigView 8ceafa7
@predominant predominant Removed $register constructor variable e2413dc
@predominant predominant Remove register docblock b3aa957
@predominant predominant Updated docblock c487626
@predominant predominant Removed custom exception handling. dfdf333
@predominant predominant Fixed code example in readme. Thanks @mark_story 49f6525
@predominant predominant Merge branch '2.0' 63b5794
@predominant predominant Code formatting changes throughout. 4d5fab3
@predominant predominant Setup debug to work off the cake configure value, and enable autoesca…
@brism brism __() always returns the translation in 2.0, no 'true' required. 1ea8552
@predominant predominant Merge pull request #1 from brism/patch-1
__() always returns the translation in 2.0, no 'true' required.
@predominant predominant Removed second parameter on __() usage in Lib/Twig_Extension_I18n.php ecf8d51
@lorenzo lorenzo Fixed a few example paths in readme 69b75ce
@predominant predominant Merge pull request #2 from lorenzo/patch-1
Fixed a few example paths in readme
@shama shama Fix typo on readme e29e827
@predominant predominant Merge pull request #3 from shama/patch-1
Fix typo on readme
@predominant predominant Reverting to require statements. Quicker, and they work. huzzah. 45d1c20
Justin Shepard Fix element token (ref. m3nt0r commit bf883a3)
Incorporate fixes for "expr" usage in Twig_Node_Parser similar to
Justin Shepard Set auto-escaping to false, since it breaks templates 657933e
@predominant predominant Merge remote-tracking branch 'justinshepard/master' 6a3a0cc

hmm, autoescaping is kinda the most desirable feature of Twig :(


predominant replied Feb 28, 2012

'autoescape' => Configure::read('TwigView.autoescape') ?: true

Thats the solution I have at the moment, almost ready with a bunch of new changes for pushing.

Lorenzo, I agree. However, since Twig is escaping what it shouldn't be (ref. Issue #5), disabling autoescape is the only way to get templates to behave properly. I haven't spent much time trying to figure out why it's behaving that way, so instead I just use the |e filter when I need something escaped.


m3nt0r commented Jun 10, 2012

All new 0.7 out now which, as a result, can't be merged anymore. Also, i'm not using cakephp 2.0 atm, and probably won't for some time. Closing as i am cleaning up issue list.

m3nt0r closed this Jun 10, 2012


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