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M3O License

Serverless Micro services gateway


M3O transforms public APIs into smaller easier to use Micro services which you can explore, discover and consume as serverless building blocks. The platform generates unified api docs, client libraries and examples on top of Micro Services using protobuf to OpenAPI conversion and some custom tooling.


Here are the main features:

  • 1️⃣ ONE Platform - Discover, explore and consume public APIs all in one place.
  • ☝️ ONE Account - Manage your API usage with one account and one token.
  • ONE Framework - Learn, develop and integrate using one set of docs and libraries.


Here are some of the APIs:

  • AI - GPT powered by OpenAI
  • Cache - Fast access key-value storage
  • DB - Serverless postgres DB
  • SMS - Send an SMS message
  • Email - Send emails in a flash
  • Geocoding - Address lookup and reverse resolution

See the full list at

Getting Started

  • Head to and signup for a free account.
  • Browse services on the Explore page.
  • Call any service using your token in the Authorization: Bearer [Token] header
  • All services are available through one API endpoint:*.
  • Use m3o-cli, m3o-js and m3o-go clients for development

Quick Start

Grab your API token from the dashboard and export it

export M3O_API_TOKEN=xxxxxxx


curl \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $M3O_API_TOKEN" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"days": 2, "location": "London"}' \

Find all the curl examples in m3o-sh


Import packages from

import (

Create a new client with your API token and call it

client := m3o.New(os.Getenv("M3O_API_TOKEN"))
rsp, err := client.Weather.Forecast(&weather.ForecastRequest{
	Days:     2,
	Location: "London",
fmt.Println(rsp, err)

Find all the Go examples in m3o-go


Install the m3o package

npm install m3o

Call app run like so

const m3o = require("m3o").default(process.env.M3O_API_TOKEN);

async function main() {
  let rsp = await{
    days: 2,
    location: "London",


Find more JS examples in m3o-js


Install the cli

curl -fssl | /bin/bash

Example call

m3o weather forecast --location=London --days=2

See the m3o-cli for examples


  1. See Cloud for Infrastructure deployment
  2. See API for Backend deployment
  3. See Apps for Web deployment


APIs are developed using the Micro platform.