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l0l License Language Version

alt tag

This project Exploit Development in an expanding toolkit. In the BETA stage. We'll give you more.



Requirements: g++ and Python 2

# make
# make install


Requirements: MinGW/g++ and Python 2

# make

To run: l0l

Pre-installed Systems

alt tag alt tag


usage: l0l

Inline arguments:

    help               : Help Menu
    os                 : Command directly ur computer
    banner             : Show Banner
    clear              : Clear the menu
    show shellcodes    : Show Shellcodes of Current Database
    show backdoors     : Show Backdoors of Current Database
    show injectors     : Show Injectors(Shellcode,dll,so etc..
    show encoders      : Show Encoders(Py,Ruby,PHP,Shellcode etc..
    use                : Execute the specified module.
    back               : A back goes into operation.
    show options       : Show current options of selected module
    set                : Set Value Of Options To Modules
    unset              : Unset Value Of Options To Modules
    generate           : Generate shellcode
    output             : Shellcode Output Type
    back               : A back goes into operation.
    exit               : Close Application


Please Report bugs! with Jabber, E-Mail, Pull Request etc.


E-Mail :

Jabber :