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DVDArt is a new plugin that scrapes for DVD cover art for you movie collection in MovingPictures and TVSeries.

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The data driving the scraper is taken from MovingPictures/TVSeries, hence any corrections, (mainly missing IMDb IDs or TVDB IDs) need to be corrected in MovingPictures and TVSeries respectively.

Images are downloaded from site. I recommend that you visit site and help out by uploading any DVD images you might have/come across so that we all enrich its content, resulting in scraper finding more images to download.

Brief description of tabs in plugin:

Movies with Artwork shows movies which scraper successfully downloaded an image for DVDArt, ClearArt and/or ClearLogo. Movies missing Artwork shows movies which scraper could not find any of the images mentioned. Series with Artwork shows series which scraper successfully downloaded an image for ClearArt and/or ClearLogo. Series missing Artwork shows series which scraper could not find any of the images mentioned. Importer shows movies/series which are currently being imported. The import function for new movies/series executes automatically in the background, so you don't need to trigger it manually.

Each tab has a number of functions which can be triggered by pressing the right mouse button. In Movies/Series with Artwork tab, pressing right mouse button gives the facility to Refresh Artwork from Online. This option download all images available and allows you to change the existing image chosen. There is also an option to upload images manually. Also, to gain some disk space, there is an option to compress images to 500x500 pixels.

In Importer tab, pressing the right mouse button will Restart the Importer, hence if changes were done in MovingPictures, MyFilms and/or TVSeries, you don't need to restart application.

In Movies/Series missing Artwork tab, the right mouse button presents a number of options. The first one sends the currently selected movie/series to the importer. The second sends all the movies/series missing Artwork to the importer. The third option offers the facility to upload images manually. In case of movies, there is a fourth option which can convert a movie cover into DVDArt.