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Posted 2009-03-20

Learning How to Program all Over Again

So my last post was about the importance of acting on Agile development practices now, instead of trying to pragmatically work them in later. I suggested that we do so because of the way that the bad practices tend to creep back in and overcome our good intentions. In other words, if we did not start now, there will never be a later. Entropy is simply too strong.

So, I have started a project entirely dependent on that principle. I am creating a CMS" that is new in this world. You can check out it’s features and some future point, when I get around to writing a README for it – the features are unimportant for the purposes of this post.

I have chosen a path that forces me, and all the developers involved, to consider first it’s story. We are writing the story of it’s birth first. Then we will make the story exist. First it will be a practical figment of our mind, then it will be a physical tool for our use.

Write the specs first to fail. Then write the code to pass ..

But we are taking this one step further. We are using the specs to communicate with each other. We are not even defining the functionality of the core engine until we have all worked out the genesis of this project together through stories. Once we agree on a base then we will all seek to implement the stories. The best will survive. Thankfully github makes this easy.

I hope you guys will see nLogue stories as an example of how Agile development can be done. nLogue is writing the first log of itself – that of it’s own birth – and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.


Posted by: Michael Christenson II (aka m3talsmith)

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