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A MediaMonkey plugin for performing music quizzes
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This is a plugin for MediaMonkey 4.0 for performing music quizzes


  • Create a playlist with songs that should be guessed and select the playlist
  • A right click on the playlist allows you to randomize it
  • <Begin Quiz> in the right-click menu starts the quiz
  • A fullscreen window appears with some control elements
  • Pressing <Play> will play the first song in the Now Playing playlist again
  • The player will stop after the song is played and hitting <Play> again will restart the song from the beginning
  • With <Show Information> the song's information is shown, specifically 'Album', 'Title', 'Artist', 'Comment' and 'file path\file name'
  • <Next> will clear the displayed information and play the next song
  • The position in the playlist is retained between restarts

Version 1.2 additions:

  • Ability to display random images between songs. For enabling this go to the options and select Quizzor at the bottom.
  • You have to add images one by one, because the MediaMonkey API doesn't expose multi-select dialogs yet
  • The image list is randomized at the beginning and every image is only shown once
  • Currently the list advancement is not saved, meaning all images are loaded again if a quiz is resumed

Localization: Because MM doesn't support localization for scripts yet, seperate releases are packaged for different languages. Poedit and Grom for Windows are used to edit and generate the .po files. A Python script replaces english strings with the localization

TODO (from source):

  • Change playback time, when TrackBar changes (might need buttons)
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